my daddy

i remember
i [ i mean we ] always close with our daddy!
but after we grown up.
as a teenage.

and our relationship turn to cold.
and i never mention this to him.

that's my daddy with some other boy,
hahaha. [ susah ngejelasinnya itu anak siapanya ]

and after xmas service at our house.
i know he love me.
love us [ for always ]
and for always i know he really love us in  his way which i don't get it.

after this holiday.
i know i'm a picture of him.
how to act, react, being funny, being mad i am him!
how i love taking picture. i love to write.
all of this is from his blood. 
i'm her daugther.
[ matter a fact my face is just like my mom ]

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