it's not a TRUE STORY

i just woke up and wondering.

is he thinking about me??

hmm, smile on my face of course.

pagi-pagi gw cek BBM gw,

and see, he was there,

with his greeting and HEART.

it's so sweet.

tapi gw tetap berkata tidak pada nya,

gw gak bisa berada di tengah.

diantara aku, temanku, dan pacarnya.

dan pada akhirnya hati ini luluh juga.

yes, i really care about him.

what he did, what he do, everthing bout him. i do care.

until one day,

i just woke up and wondering

is he thinking about me??

hmm, i keep wondering.

wondering am i okay with this?

he NEVER send greeting again,

even a smile from him,

from BBM, skype, fb, or whatever.

until one word pop-up


and that's it.

we are all over.

and my heart's all broken.

and i cant stop thinking bout you.

and i ended my day with

katty perry with her THINKING oF YOU

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