from my brother


You are Red Tiger, who is not shy, and are able to keep rock-steady stance to whoever approaches you. 
Your looks represent your characteristic, and you look good natured.
Nevertheless, there are delicate, sensitive and intelligent sides to you. 
And you sometimes give an impression of being difficult to get to know. 
You have high self esteem and you carry out thing on your own pace.
You have strong will power and are a person of mettle. 
You can finish fatigue duties like putting together a plastic model, even if takes ages. 
But you demand the same effort from those around you. 
You tend to be too critical, and may be seen as a nagging person.
You think high of your points of view. 
You only judge others with your scale. 
You can be hard minded and obstinate person, as you tend to stick to your opinion and not change it easily.
But really, you are able to look at situation as a whole, and are a well-balanced person. 
You tend to be good at putting together the plans and ideas of your fellow workers. 
You are not very good at planning from the beginning and coming up with ideas.
You wish to succeed and carry out things all by yourself. 
You dislike being told what to do, and get help from others. 
You will have hard time as a fresh recruit.
You tend to be not good at reading other peoples minds.

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