dream higher with agnes monica an indonesia superyoungdiva

kalau kamu mulai berfikir kamu tinggal di negara yang serba terbatas. bahkan untuk bermimpi pun kamu membatasi dirimu untuk tidak bermimpi terlalu tinggi. karena sedari awal kamu tahu jawabannya kalau mimpimu lah yang akan mengecewakan dirimu pada akhirnya.
kalau mimpimu itu bukan menjadi alasan lagi untuk dirimu berkehendak. untuk menjadi pemicu dirimu untuk bergerak lebih lagi.

kamu mulai membuat list. yang mungkin dan tidak mungkin. membuat list pro dan kontra. dan list yang kamu buat hanya membuat dirimu bingung dan terdiam lebih lama lagi.

but hey, kamu punya 1 alasan lagi untuk tetap maju.. aku berikan kamu seorang inspirasi :

dia sekarang adalah seorang wanita. umurnya sekarang 24 tahun. yah, di indonesia ini.
namanya pasti sudah tidak asing lagi untuk didengarkan banyak orang di sini.
dia sangat menginspirasi..
goal nya hanya satu GO INTERNATIONAL
dan dia kejar terus buruannya yang hanya satu tapi besar ini. sangat dijamin buruan yang ia incar sangatlah susah untuk digapai. tapi dia terus melatih dirinya untuk terus mengejar buruannya.
sangat menginspirasi untuk terus mempunyai mimpi yang besar bagi pemuda pemudi disini.
tidak ada yang tidak mungkin. selama kita masih bisa berfikir adanya kemungkinan.
dan percaya pada satu : BISA dan percaya.

aim higher, dream a little bit higher !

she said :
"“The Past is the prologue” – Shakespeare.
That quote has given me a lot to think, a lot to do, and a lot to give to this life. I believe that history is not equal to the future, but it could be, if we don’t change, if we don’t move from our comfort zones and start contributing goodness and perfections in our lives.
My dream is go beyond what I think I can and to do more than what it takes.Music has been in my life since I was born. The music has become myself. I’ve always wanted to share what’s in my heart through music, so that the world would feel. Unsurprisingly, the road for me to go there is not always easy. I’ve been bombarded with struggles and underestimation as well as winnings and elevations. But it never brings me down. I have gone through tiredness, boredom, desperation, tears and more tears. I have felt underestimated when people looked down on me. But thank Jesus, He lifted me up by giving me too many blessing to count. He promoted me to higher places. It does not make me satisfied and arrogant, but it does remind me that He wants and allows me to do more.
I never thought that I have to put that much of efforts. I never thought that I have to put that much of energy in order to keep that motivation fires up in me. Not mentioning my own battle against a wrong paradigm that lives in the society. Somehow, there are a lot of people in my country who thinks that to have a big dream is a ‘mistake’ and that it is arrogance. But hey, everything starts with dreams and visions. And I have the eyes of faith to see the coming true. After all, I have proven them myself.
It’ not about winning once, but it is about the constancy of winning. And I want to be the person who experiences those winnings.
Sometimes as a runner, we have to step back a few steps to run faster and jump higher. And sometimes as a painter, we have to step back to be able to look at a larger view and clearer picture.
Someday, I will sit down and reflect myself in the mirror. I would never know what would I see, but one thing that I know, I would never let myself regret for who I will be because what I did in the past. This is my time. This ‘now’ will be my ‘past’ in the future. And now, I’m seeing my self in the future, sitting down on the couch, feeling like a winner, thinking back and smile because I have done such a great job to be proud of.
Those winnings are not for me, but they are for each and every single person in this world who still believes that they can and that everyone deserves equivalent chance to win; despites what circumstances they are facing.
I have prepared,
I have planned,
Now it’s my time to live,
And let the winnings live in me. "


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