keep cool and down-to-earth with hayley williams

last night I experienced the anger that is very annoying. because one of my favband that I want to play live in front of my face was in Kuala Lumpur. When I read the timeline on twitter about their concert in KL was making furious. why oh why? this beloved country not visited by them? My indignation entertained by one of my friends who said, if they play here,could you watch them? YEAH,  right. Somehow this band if I was willing to pay for it even though I had to borrow money. it feels alright. it's so cool I WANT TO DIE.. the band is really to die for!

then I read one of her blogs ( the lead-vocals ) well, obviously she was writing that she was in KL. * Sigh *I scroll down until finally I saw her wrote the title of cry, cry, cry (click it to see it )

"So, I know not everyone Believes That the in the Same God as me ... if in anything at all ... Honestly, I never feel pressed to talk about my faith voluntarily unless questioned about it. But anyways, I read something this morning That I thought anyone would be Able to Relate to, especially if you're going through a rough time. This encouraged me to think about the positive side to all life's trials. I'll go ahead and apologize in advance if this was presumptuous of me. Never Want anyone to feel like I am forcing my thoughts / Revelations on Them. "

and I was directed to click again (click again)

wow, she shared the contents of contemplation to the readers. cool.I adore this girl. although she was great (according to people who admire certain) even though she was famous, although she was touring around the world, although she is not resistant to paint the hair with colors. we must still look cool (it surely does) and your feet should still tread on the earth (down to earth). because it makes you humble and believed that God was there. YEAH

let's stomp your feet on the ground wherever you are.

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