about Jessica Serfaty

she said :
My name would be Jessica as you probally already know. I sleep a lot. I smile a lot too. If you're nice to me, I'm nice to you. What goes around comes around. But then on the other hand, Make Me Laugh and I'll pretty much be your friend. I like sarcastic people, mainly because I'm one. (Sarcasm is my middle name sometimes.) I say "anyways" way too much. I hate the show Sweet 16, but I watch it anyway. Yeah, i can get jealous of people who have more than me. (Who dosent?) I'm probably the only person you'll ever meet that loves school. I Text way too much.. That is when I am actually paying attention to my phone. I Love, reading, and writing, i find it interesting. I'll agrue with a brick wall. I always have to have the last word. Clothes? I shop wherever I wanna shop. and Yes Belk and Target are some of those places. If you have a problem with that, good. Don't say how cute it is then go get one.. hellloooo. Seafood is amazing. I don't like it when people cuss a lot.. sure a word every now and then, great. Sometimes I don't know why I have a cell phone because I don't pay attention to it. Then, other times, I would die without it. I hate people that try to start stupid crap with me.. You're wasting your time. And I'll most likely end up getting you in trouble. Don't tell me to call you, and then get mad because I don't. I'm the world's worst caller-back(er?). Do not send me a message telling me to comment you or comment your pictures, comment mine, and i'll comment yours. =)

and her general interest
I love God! I put him first in my life. Though im definatly not perfect, i try not to let him down. I love adventure. My all time favorite this is a challange. I like mohawks, Vintage, people that look so crazy you have to take a second glance at, people that are R-E-A-L, yellow tulips, cold spaghetti, reading, pumps, RainDrops, Dressing up, Dressing down.. New Things, Being the first, going for the ONE, the beach, dANCiNG, running, texas, flordia, fashion, Sonic's cherry limeade (sonics got it-- others don't ) Smoothies, traveling, Chocolate! Going out to eat, And i am pretty easy to get along with if i like you!-

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