Tugas Videography not our best either

i think i never do my best if it's about my assignment..
i could do 100% but i rather give my 45% of my talent..

shame on me!!! REPENT! *talk to maself*

btw, thx to ORKEL..
for gave us a chance to make their music video.

well,, if you like ORKEL you could join as an ORKELOVERS
check their funny and hilarious blog about their life as an Orkel's fans

their song not bad laaaaa... for GALAUer hahaha ( maap logh )
i mean they are very talented... and 5 of them is a friend of mine.
i love to see them being success one day..
wanna know 'em in person..
check their timeline http://twitter.com/#!/orkelic/

wanna see their performance? i saw them at SUDDENOKE last year..

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