Raisa - The next idol from Indonesia

introduce you another rising star from Indonesia. another Youtube star. loving the color of her first Video Clip.. NICE!!! beautiful girl with a beautiful voice and beautiful color! WOW!

Probably not many people know who it is Raisa Andriana. Raisa Andriana, a girl born on June 6th, 1990, who liked to sing. And now, there are some videos that she uploaded to sing on YouTube. Until her golden voice and video attract many people, including Asta (RAN) and Handy and Rio (from the band Soulvibe).
Asta, Handy, and Rio became her Producer on her new album.. Congratz!!!
Youtube user can go to the link address at: http://www.youtube.com/user/raisa6690

and follow her twitter : http://twitter.com/#!/raisa6690

raisa with one of my friends ; Yahya Ben Gurion

Justin Bieber version :

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