ROG clothing photoshoot part 2

Model : me

Model : Rc. Rabib. Seffy

Model : mpus

Model : Dimaz Brave

Model : Deasy Rianty

Model : Chrisma Merry Kosakoy

Model : Angeline Naftali

model : Chrisma Merry Kosakoy
model : me

model : RC. Rabib. Seffy

photoshoot at BHSA studio
photographer : Carolina Budi Suwandi and Elsa The
photo editor : Carolina Budi Suwandi
for ROG Clothing ( Rock Our Generation )
a brand new clothing line from Bandung ( emerging Creative City )
if you want it, you could check 'em up at Facebook Fan page ( click it here )
and their Twitter ( @ROGClothing )


  1. aku suka model wanita yg paling atas... ekspresinyah dpet bangethh,,,

  2. teu kuits lah delllll... teu sanggips.. hehe


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