abang octo! aw aw aw

wahhaha, ini abang @octoviano .. si kapten Garuda Speedy Bandung.. huh, bang sayang sekali pertandingan selanjutnya di SOLO.. kalo masih di Jakarta ato Sumedang aja pasti saya dukung deh bang.. ke SOLO mah kejauhan eui bang. teu sanggips teteh nyusul abang...

saya nampak akan terus mempost ini sampai tanggal 6 januari.. agak spamming ya? gpplah ya?
hey, need your help here...are you guys a Facebook user? You may help me now :D I need you to vote for my video by liking it on Facebook. But it requires you to join this Facebook group:http://www.facebook.com/groups/46755104235/ Please, join that group first. the name of the group is iCreate Indonesia. After becoming a member of that group, please like this video:http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10150485206268555 :) just only by press the LIKE button below the video. and give a comment too :)  And if you sick of the group activity, just off the notification then after 6th of January you can leave that group. :) Need your help and pray here.... 


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