smoking kills

holla there, how are ya doin? mine not quite good.. i have a terrible headache, dunno what happened with my right ear that make me feel the pain in ma head.. rrrrrrrr

hey, hv u ever smoke? i was a smoker, i think when i was 13 or 14. A YEAR OF "ALAY" i've been real bad that day. now, i dont touch that thing again.. but i still a passive smoker.. HA!

i'm a passive smoker and my body not quite good.. and people with a cigarette in their hands still doin good ? cih! who said that WORLD IS FAIR HUH???
still trying to give thanks cause still enjoying milk tea in a place i called HOME.. :)

keep healthy people, because healthiness is the gift you can give to everyone around you..

and check this video out!


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