Longbottom hotter than harry i guess

yeah, i bet you do !

with Bieber haistyle

anyway,, kemaren mbak Perry singgah di SENTUL.. mengguncang Indonesia

lihat video itu, histeria sekali orang2.. haha.. kalo saya disana juga pasti histeria. tapi saya bukan penggemar beurad mbak Katy.. ngimpi apa ni si adry ini ya.. haha..

a little pic about katy perry concert over the globe .. she always pick some random guy who bravely open his shirt and get a surprise from her..before she sang "i kissed a girl"

IN PHILIPPINE a guy called IVAN.. looks like this IVAN guy is a public figure

IN INDONESIA - the lucky guy named ADRY

bisa dilihat kalo Indonesia ini pria nya kurang gizi. -_-



i'd love to hear your thought :D