Coffee and Book II

Morning Coffee and YOU JOB IS NOT YOUR CARRER by Rene CC

well,, Coffee and Book comes back again!!! i'm trying to make a serial photos of Coffee and Book here. and this one is part II.. hopefully i could  drink ALL the coffee in the world.. and have a lot of money to buy ALL the book!!! :)

( here's the link to the series of Coffee and Book )

i once had a Photo Series too about my feet on EARTH.. ( http://carolinaowl.blogspot.com/2011/07/my-feet.html )
and here's on facebook, i think this is a full series one
http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150299585243555.357084.562978554&type=3 )

anywho, hv you heard about POLISI GANTENG on your timeline or news on TV.. man !! i heard once.. i thought it's really GODDAMN LAME NEWS.. but, heck yeah it's lame but he is kinda cute one.. and he is DINES in Bandung.. TERUS NAPA KALO DOI DINES DI BANDUNG HAH?!!

Cheers and check this out!


  1. coffee n book emang perpaduan yg pas ;)

  2. Coffee and book?
    Sound soothing and relaxing to accompany your day..

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