Braga Huis x #STOPKONY

i live in the world with food, laugh, and love.. but not everyone have a blessed and grateful day like i did.. they live in fear... so now, i'm goin to tell you about that people..

anyway,, have you heard about   ? no? so i'm goin to tell you. KONY is stand from Joseph Kony. He is from Uganda, and there's a movement who wanted to make him famous? WHY? because, no one know about him. He is on a mission making an army called LRA "Lord's Resistance Army" and it is not a good army one.. He is abduct kids in Uganda and form em into an Army.. spread this words.. this is a worldwide movement.. we can be the change we wanted to see in the world. first, by acknowledge about what's really happened in the place we called HOME, planet earth.. knowing that some kids, some people live in fear.. if you wanna know more about it.. please do check this video.

long video? but it's worth your attention.. so do please watch this.. and please do check INVISIBLE CHILDREN channel ( click it here ) and here if you wanna know more ( click it here )


  1. nice place! love your post!:)
    mind to follow each other?


  2. enak ga ka disini? jadi penasaran.. :)

  3. @Maurine magdalena

    dengan harga yang cukup terjangkau sih masuk ke kategori enak. hehe..

  4. eh btw kony tu bnyk kontroversi ya? ada yg bilang kony tu cuma propaganda amerika gitu disini >> http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/opinion/2012/03/201231284336601364.html#.T1985q6kbS8.facebook

    *sory klo ngespam :p

  5. @sabilablabla

    kalo ngebaca di artikel lain sih dibilangnya.. KONY itu emang beneran ada.. tapi masalahnya malah ada di Invisible Childrennya sih..


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