You spend you life looking for
The one thing that makes it all
Worth all the tears that fall

Walking down on this road
Moving on, stepping forward
Although it's not that easy

Just keep holding on
Just keep pressing on
Just keep moving on

Ada waktu untuk menangis
Tuk tertawa
Tuk bertahan saja
Ada waktu untuk menunggu
Tuk percaya
Bahwa semua akan indah pada waktunya

so blessed by his song :')

before saw him live performance at Cultural Mandate 2012, my spiritual mom hv his video on her iPad.. she watched it all over and over and over again. Gosh~

and that night i saw him live and i was a blast.. his voice is beyond everyword can describe him *HAISH LEBAY* 

Check out his new song "SINGGAH" on youtube.. 


  1. Wah keren banget mbak (T^T
    Jadi ngiri, ingin bisa gambar (T^T

  2. @Sam Rinaldy

    Thank you,,
    start now if you want to.. become a friend with pencil and paper first.. :)

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