[ MISSION TRIP ] Taiwan here i come day 01

as i flew from Indonesia to Taipei. i was thinking about how lucky i am, well not lucky to be excact but how God still pour out His Love and Blessing to me. ;) 

 This is the airport. 
Taoyuan Airport

i asked my pastor to pose. He killing it! awesome!

we arrive around 9 PM. and we got pick up by ka Tintin, and then goin to Hotel and just go outside to eat.
then rest. LONG TRIP LAAAA.. 6 hours flight. Good GOD!
pretty cold in here.

1 tim 2 : 3,4

"this is good, and pleases God our savior, who wants all men ( all nations ) to be saved and to come a knowledge of the truth."

and this is gonna be my verse to hold on to

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