O Aphrodite.
Goddess of Love.
Romantic love I seek from Thee.
I am a hopeless romantic. 

O Aphrodite.
Goddess of Love.
What i suffered, you asked me.

For I am darkness, and Thou are light.
Since forever we are doomed.
For such is the fate of Dark and Light or Night and Day.

O Venus.
Goddess of Love.
What would ease the pain, you asked me.
Stab me with one of your Son's arroW.
o Venus 
.Goddess of Love.
One whose heart is pure and true.
Define perfection as are you.

i beg you

Model @castellanatalia | wardrobe and stylish@tonetotoneshop by @maulinakusnadi | MUA +Nicole Andrea @nicoleandreabsuwandi

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