So.. i never interested in beauty stuff and healty stuff ( anyway i never really listen to my sis. She's talking bout this all the time man ) i always have the mindset. "Blah, people will like me because who i am. I dont wanna be fake. I dont wanna be anyone else. I am who i am with or without pretty face.. without makeup " Until this month... this month.. oh my God.. T^T This quote slap me right in the face and my lazy butt. "NOTHING CHANGES UNTIL YOU CHANGE. EVERYTHING CHANGES ONCE YOU CHANGE." Am starting to buy this and that beauty stuff and healtier food. Am starting talk with person inside the mirror "you are beautiful. You are even cooler when you are not lazy and putting your make-up on. Wakeup earlier then!! And you are even prettier when you are confident about your self. You are you. With or without makeup. Your bare face is awesome and i need you to take care of it. God loves you. And you.. i love you. Start accept compliment from others. Head. Stop answering compliment from others. Just nod and smile. Nod and smile." And @vovmasker help me alot with their products ( bukan iklan berbayar ) it helps my skin really fresh and silky. I Love it. I love how my bareface so shiny ( dont stare my forehead to long.. you might blind. Lol ) Hv a shiny day people!

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