District26 : Confidence

i think confidence is a personal journey.. as for me i don't get my confidence easily like any other.. that's why it's a journey.

confidence itu seperti otot tapi mereka ada didalam, katakanlah confidence itu adalah mental muscle. karena confidence adalah otot jadi mari kita harus mengupayakannya dengan cara EXERCISE.

confidence sendiri dalam bahasa latin itu confides yang berarti WITH FAITH.. isn't it awesome ?

bagaimana cara melatihnya ?
1. positive thinking
say this to a person in the mirror that you are awesome

2. Focus on positive side of you
no one is perfect. so accept youself, accept your plus and focus on it, accept your minus and let it go.
and believe everyone is good at something, no one is good at everything.
and you are beautiful in your own way

3. Have your buddy system ( community )
to tell you that you are awesome..
to push you up when you feelin down,
to humble you down when you start acting up

4. Share your wisdom
sharing your wisdom to people around you, to your buddy system and everyone you meet.. and of course wisdom come from yourself right? so keep it real. don't share your wisdom and acting it up so you could please everyone you meet.

and don't forget to smile. :)

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