See you soon, Syeline Trivena

photo taken by Jerry Ernst 
Ps. Nala prayed for her
Berdoa dan mengutus @syelinetrivena agar ia tetap didalam perlindungan Tuhan. Biar benar Roh Kudus yang berbicara dan menggerakkan hati dan pikirannya. Mengutus Syeline Trivena pergi menuntut ilmu ke Jakarta, serta menutup bungkus dia dan menjagai dia di lingkungannya yang baru.

well, i didn't cry but.. after church i cried.. lol
i'm sorry for the things i've done to her, or things i haven't done.. the things i've said or things i kept for myself.

well, i cried and said all i wanted to say. i don't want any regret left behind me because i keep it for myself.


it's indeed hard to be a spiritual leader / mentor. you sure must have a big space in your heart!

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