Designers Voto meeting at Miss Bee

i will introduce you my fellow co-workers :
from left to right :
ibu boss : Olwyn Jonathan
Creative Director : Handy Lugiana
Erline Ong
ME, cbsowl
Yohanna Sulaiman
Fernanduz Wenas
Bobby Kris

i believe we are not perfect as a person,
but we believe we complete each other

Once a month Bu Boss gave us an outing.
it's US at MISS BEE

yup, it was Hot like Hell
but fashion is fashion
and whatever happen.. Winter Fashion will always on the top of my list.

Percayalah :
ini gak ada yang lucu.

alay-alay bahagia.
ya begitulah. gak ngerti lagi kenapa kita kaya anak baru beger.
atau cuman pada pengen pamer sepatu aja ?

Bu Boss yang sangat bercita-cita untuk menjadi Fashion Blogger.
well,, i really hope she can achieve it.

such a fun crew i must admit

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