Chrysella Farewell Party

The day has come.
The day that we must to say goodbye to our little sister.
our one and only xiaomi.

the one who always bring us food.
the one who always cheering us.
the one who always accompany me jajan-jajan cantik.
the one who always ask my opinion about what to buy online. lol
the one who initiate to took a picture for our instagram.
the one i always take a snapchat for fun. lol.
the one who always become a teteh-gengster if she think she is late.

I really do hope that you will be successful and happiness chasing you wherever you are.

Jail dulu sekali sebelum gak bisa jail lagi. lol

cameragirl was Sella.

with a bunch of love and hug,
your one and only cici owl.

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