JAPAN TRIP : day 02 [ NOT YET ] and Tips going to Japan for a newbie

i write this on my instagram :

Yups, that's me. It's reflection time and enjoying CGK -Terminal 3..There's a price to pay for everything. If you are an idiot, the price is amazingly make you cry. 😅 seriously don't be stupid!! #dilaranggoblok lol .well, but as for me the ability to say God is in control, God is good, God is working behind the scene, God is awesome... i've already paid that before this happened last night. "Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff they comfort me.” I believe God didn't want this to happen but God let it happen anyway.. He wanted to teach me something for my future sake. Everything happen for a reason..I want to share a lot... I hope i could share it on my blog but let see.. .And a shout out happy birthday to lilsissy@nicoleandreabsuwandi .. Thank you for being kind and sacrificing everything for me. Spending your special day on the road and small hotel room. Can't repay it you and @stevanus_ds done for me. A bit dusty in here 😢.. And get well real soon @stevanus_ds #cbsowlinJPN

ABOVE is the picture outside of TERMINAL 3
BELOW is inside of TERMINAL 3.

a bit confusing sih, cuman udah mirip-mirip kaya di luar negri gtu airport ini.

sampai di jakarta sekitar jam11 malam,, sekitar 1-2 jam langsung berangkat lagi ke jepang.
didn't take any photo because i'm too tired.

1. JAPAN TRAVEL : percayalah orang jepangnya sendiri nampaknya memakai apps ini untuk perjalanan mereka selama disana.

untuk newbie.. apps ini sangat membingungkan apalagi wanita seperti saya ini sangat kesulitan untuk membacanya. tapi setelah beberapa kali, akhirnya paham sih.

dan seperti itulah penampakan apps nya. menunjukan kereta mana yang harus dinaiki, tujuannya kmn, jamnya sangat akurat, 

2. Japan wi-fi dan Travel Japan

untuk Japan wi-fi saya sudah mendownload terlebih dahulu dari Bandung, Indonesia.
sangat terpakai di station station yang menyebutkan ada wifi. jadi bisa terpakai

sedangkan Travel Japan
saya download dibantu oleh teteh-teteh ( yang adalah orang jepang ) di airport. Wifi ini langsung konek jika ada wifi yang support disekitar daerah yang kalian kunjungi.

sedangkan Japan Wi-Fi harus aktivasi dulu.

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