JAPAN TRIP : day 04 [ WORKING day two ]

It's Saturday and i woke up around 6 in the morning.
woke up and straight to the toilet because you know that call in the morning !

saat sedang loading otak dan pikiran, saya langsung mengambil tissue untuk lap-lap
dan saya menemukan diri saya.
bleeding !
my period time while i'm working abroad,
nice !

i didn't take any photo while i'm working
because i have a lot to do and carry.
so, that was too bad.

Hari ini semua photoshoot kita lakuin di KYOTO.
which is cool and nice.

So our first destination is ARASHIAMA ! not the bamboo part.

well, saya gak pernah bangun dalam keadaan jadi buntelan cakue dan odading.

the view is amazing !

kita disini sampai siang lalu kita pergi ke second spot..

sambil kontakan ama yang jaga kandang di bandung untuk mencari lokasi yang pasti.

here's the location.

kita naik bus seharga 230 Yen dan melewati 3 station bus.

and look what we got here !

i dont know i just love japan !
the view is amazing
freaking beautiful and take my breath away !

after we have a prewedding shot here.

we are going to GION !
yay ! 


Finally touch down to our HOSTEL

my legs hurt ! like really hurt i dont know why.

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