Kelas Inspirasi

couldn't be more prouder than this.

Riska and Lisna mengikuti kelas inspirasi ke Tasikmalaya. well, it is such a blessing when you are being a mentor but you feel the other way around. Being a mentor is not about being an authority, having power and so on. i just feel being a mentor is being teachable.. because all i have to do is learn something new.

like this..

it's bullshit when you say you have a heart for Indonesia. tapi yang kita lakukan hanyalah untuk agama. ouch ! yup that's a punch on my face too... they prove it wrong. when you have a heart for generation, when you have a heart for Indonesia, when you hope for the better future. they did it by join the Kelas Inspirasi.

i don't know much about Kelas Inspirasi but you could check it here http://kelasinspirasi.org

Riska cerita "gemesh, masih ada yang bilang cita-citanya mau jadi batman.. karena ingin menyelamatkan orang. ada yang cita-citanya ingin jadi copet, karena ayahnya copet."

Lisna cerita "Lelah tapi seru.. "

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