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Do not predict me! You’ll never know what I’m gonna write, nor what kind of thing i‘m gonna be creating. I’m a girl –yeah real girl, I just don’t wear what normal girls wear, nor feel what normal girls (or normal people) feel.  Well, I kinda have a creepy and abnormal pattern of emotion. Since there’s a lot more fantastic things in this enormous universe, I’m not gonna spend my entire life living in one idea structure. I hop from one color to one flavor then to one beat, creating an abstract and tasty melody –which actually not a melody, to free your mind. Afterall, don’t take me too serious because I’ll turn to be playing and ticking you ‘til drop. I would love to laugh with/at the world, the sky and you! Yes you! So it will be an honor for me to be your laughing companion, no matter what you are.

Well, you’ll be reading this junk in the section‘about me’. BUT this isn’t everything about me, because you’ll never be able to figure me out ‘til you experience me. Once again I warn you people, do not predict me! Just enjoy me and my work. Do not speculate how it feels like to walk in my shoes, nor see through my eyeglasses because it’s gonna be your beautiful nightmare. Though it is beautiful, but you’re NOT gonna enjoy it as I do! So enjoy your own shoes and eyeglasses! You don’t have that stuff?? So what are you, an alien?! Well that’s good! I really like alien especially the green one! So thanks for visitting my blog, Alien! Or whatever you are.
 In spite of everything, just stay cool! It’s important to stay cool or the global warming will kill you. Read! Watch! Play! And stay cool, you there!

Beside all the complexity of my being, i DO believe in God, the Creator of this enormous universe, the designer of every single inch of my existence, and  the only one who can solve my complexity just with His presence. And when he comes, there's only one very important thing left. LOVE! I love God, i love my self, and i love you people. So simple. But covers EVERYTHING.


  1. Hi, I saw your acrylic paintings and they're absolutely amazing! GREAT JOB! I'm sure you've probably gotten a lot of inquiries and I'm sorry for asking again but would you be willing to sell any of your paintings? Specifically I'd want a Yuri or Taeyeon painting.

    This is the photo I saw, just in case you're wondering. You're truly talented. http://24.media.tumblr.com/70c29892ca59d0f74c3271cc5c344ba9/tumblr_mrx6ywhLRV1sfj56zo5_1280.jpg

    Take care,


    1. Hi, sorry i just saw your comment.. T_T it's super late. and i am truly sorry. anyway it is not Yuri but Yoona instead. and Taeyeon Painting is already adopted by another sone. are u still interested ?

  2. Salam kenal, saya Emil dari Garut.
    Saya baru di blog, jadi mau ngenalin blog baru tersebut:


    Semoga berkenan


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